Just the word “spirituality” can stir many feelings and questions, so I want to try and provide a bit of clarity (happy to expound later when asked). I do not provide counseling with any particular spiritual or religious approach. Rather, I provide room for the “spiritual” aspect of being human to be discussed just as we might touch on physical, medical, historical, mental, emotional, relational aspects of being human.

Some people draw upon spirituality as a great resource along with communities of support. Others have experienced great harm done in the name of religion. Many have found or are looking to find a healthy “spirituality” that aligns with their other values—it may involve church/synagogue/temple/masque or it may be a private practice of meditation and ritual at home or in nature…or it could be a way of engaging with music or art and beauty. When it’s psychologically, emotionally, and relationally healthy spirituality can provide transcendent connection to hope, joy, wisdom, inspiration, and context for the driving questions of life, love, and relationships.

I’m going to approach this with curiosity about your experiences—positive and negative. We will incorporate this (or not) to the degree that it is important to you. Nothing is going to be pressured or forced—I’m here to support your journey in all ways. One of my passions is specifically helping people who are recovering from any type of fundamentalist experience or spiritual wounding, and if that is a primary goal of yours then it would be my honor and is within the realm of my study and specialty of practice to help recovery, healing, and deconstruction/reconstruction.

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