Grief & Loss

Grief is not limited to the loss of human relationships through death. In fact, grief is the normal and natural reaction to loss in all its forms, life transitions and changes, and unmet hopes, dreams, and expectations. Even though it's normal and natural, it can be hard to know what to do with the complex and sometimes conflicting feelings.

Society encourages us to minimize or at best manage the pain of loss with messages like "Be Strong" and "Keep Busy." Unfortunately these are not the tools needed for moving past the pain. Unresolved loss and cumulative grief can impact your physical health, habits and behaviors, and your relationships. Time does NOT heal all wounds, but with the right tools you can regain energy, peace, joy, and the capacity to live fully with an open heart.

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grief recovery 1-on-1

The main advantage of the 1-on-1 program is the flexibility of scheduling.

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Grief recovery group

Unlike traditional support groups, this group provides 16 hours over 8 weeks of structured discovery and action on how to move through the pain of heartbreak and lost hopes and dreams. Next groups beginning in September, January, or March.,

$389 includes all materials.

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other programs

Pet Recovery Program

When Children Grieve Program for adults supporting children.

Customized Community Talks