I am committed to curiously learning about the unique you. I am a teacher walking along side your path of exploration and growth.


a little background

I love being a counselor because I deeply believe we all need someplace to land with all the baggage, heartache, and rough edges. You deserve to be heard without judgment or shame. No clichés like, “time heals all wounds.” No well-meaning words of comfort and advice that force you to put on a dutiful smile. No pretending everything is “fine” because you think you have to “be strong”. It’s exhausting to hear that over and over again. I provide a safe space to get real. Tears, laughter, anger—it’s all a welcome part of the journey.

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I know what it’s like to try so hard to do good, be good, take the right steps, and give my best in life only to feel like my best was never good enough. Life felt like waves of crisis--my parents divorce, friendship betrayals, health scares, job loss, chaotic romantic relationships, moves, and questioning my faith and identity. There were moments I thought I thought I was unlucky in love and a magnet for disaster. Even though I obtained my Masters in Clinical Psychology and went to several helpful counselors, it took a long time and an assertive pursuit of personal work for me to find some solid understanding that really captured it: grief.

I didn’t know grief applied to life events other than death, but had often felt like pieces of me were dying at times. You might think that seeing life through the lens of grief would be sad and discouraging but it was empowering for me and for those who I’ve supported through the Grief Recovery Programs. You don’t have to carry around pain from the past. I can guide you to more power, joy, and peace. It’s possible to rid yourself of the emotional clutter that keeps tripping you up in relationships.  

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I am a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist through the Grief Recovery Institute, and this is my passion--to help people through grief, loss, change, transitions: LIFE. Whether it’s trauma, difficult and disappointing parents or family, or miserable relationships, I’m not afraid of going deep because I believe you can come out better on the other side. Society does not help us very much. In fact, we often get unhelpful messages--sometimes from our family or our communities of faith and cultures of religion. We need to unlearn some things and replace them with tools that really resonate for us.

With these tools, we can work towards the things we crave and long for. I am trained in relationship models of attachment that inform healthy dating, especially if you realize you don’t want to repeat old patterns, need better boundaries, or if you relate to the term “codependency.” Basically, it’s how to follow your heart without losing your mind. I value this work as a way to guide couples therapy so it’s not about finger-pointing or taking sides—no one gets thrown under the bus. It’s about helping the relationship grow, transforming your bond, and gaining clarity and peace from the process.  

I have a lot of tools in my toolbox-- solid training, great mentorship, years of experience, but my first priority is listening to YOUR soul. You know yourself best, and I trust that together we can find the answers and relief you are looking for within you.

The world awaits patiently but with great anticipation of your best self. I’d love to be on that journey with you!

It’s an honor to walk with someone through their darkness and into the light again.
— Tamara

Credentials & affiliations

  • 2001 Bachelor of Arts: Clinical Psychology and Creative Writing
  • 2003 Master of Science: Clinical Psychology
  • 2004 Certified Prepare-Enrich Facilitator
  • 2004 Certified Facilitator of P.I.C.K. relationship attachment curriculum
  • 2005 Licensed Professional Counselor
    • NC #12236   GA #LPC004922
  • 2011 Certified Grief Recovery Specialist
  • Continued education in spiritual formation, integration, and injury
  • Journey to be Free (advisory board member and network provider)
  • Earth Path Education (former board member)
  • Woman Within International initiate