You are investing your time and resources, so it's important to approach counseling services in a way that best meets all of your needs--practically and effectively.

Typically, counseling involves at least 8 sessions to establish a foundation, gather history, identify goals, and work on a particular issue. Ongoing, counseling can serve as support and practice--kind of like going to a gym and having a personal trainer for strengthening and accountability. Often people find it useful to start weekly to gain some traction, and they may move to a bi-monthly plan once they have gained some momentum and are integrating, and then shift to a monthly plain for maintenance. One way to manage financial sustainability is with the frequency of sessions--you'll want to have enough continuity for your particular goals and needs.

Here are some more details about financial avenues for services:

Individual 50-minute Session: $115

Couples 50-minutes Session $125

Employee Assistance programs (eap)

I participate in several Employee Assistance Programs. If you find out your employer provides these benefits I'm happy to look into becoming a provider for that network if I'm not already. An EAP often provides 2-5 sessions at no cost to the client and a reduced fee to the provider. Although few issues are fully resolved in less than 8 session, EAP services can be a low-risk way to explore and establish a connection with a therapist, to determine what ongoing plan may be useful for support and achieving specific goals, or to learn about resources to pursue independently.


Insurance companies vary widely in how they cover mental health services, so there are important things to consider when looking into your benefits, and I'm happy to talk through this. Insurance companies limit the number of providers they partner with to serve a particular area and limit the types of services they reimburse.

At this time, I am only a provider for Health Gram. I have often provided services as an Out-of-Network Provider for BCBS. In this scenario, the client pays at the time of service and then submits documentation for reimbursement. My client portal makes this process rather easy.  If you want to see about using your benefits, call to ask what mental health services they reimburse including OON.

open path psychotherapy collective

Open Path is a collective of therapists who have generously agreed to provide in-office treatment for $30 to $60 a session (between $30 and $80 for couples and families). Open Path clients pay a one-time membership fee to access this national directory.

In an effort to make services more accessible, I participate in Open Path and hold a certain number of spots to see individuals ($50-60) and couples ($60-80). This way people who have financial need can still access a therapist of their choice that specializes in the issues or approach they are seeking. Availability is limited; call or write to find our more.

North Carolina victims assistance network

NCVAN is a not-for-profit that coordinates grant funds to serve those who have been impacted by the homicide of a loved one. I am a provider with this organization, and depending on availability and application there can be 5 session at no cost to the client.